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Understanding Dynamic Range values in JRiver

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I have used the Analyze Audio function in JRiver on all my files. I'm trying to understand the value of the numbers given a little better. With the Dynamic Range (DR) the results are whole digits such as 13, 9, and 8 etc. the next set of values Dynamic Range (R128) the values include decimal place followed by "LU" such as 7.8 LU, 5.9LU and 13.9 LU.



In most cases the if one (DR) value is higher than another the corresponding (128) value will also be higher than the other, but not always and that is what I don't understand as to why and what it means. In the example values given above the corresponding values for the files are:



(DR) 13 and (128) 7.8LU

(DR) 9 and (128) 5.9LU



And this is typically the pattern that is seen but in a number of cases I will see something like this:



(DR) 8 and (128) 13.0LU where the (128) value is higher then the (DR) value



Can someone explain or point me to an explanation of these values and why in some cases the (128) value is higher than the (DR) value but not in most cases?




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