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I have a Dac that samples up to 96,however will accept up to 192 including DSD. When i use

a PC with Jriver things work fine,however when i use Mac and jriver the dac only will play 44.1

the hi rez files play with static. I am perplexed if anyone could shed some light on what I'm missing here i would be more than grateful.

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Hi tfloo7--welcome to CA! I don't use jriver, so there may be other reasons, but this is worth looking at. There are two places in the Mac OS where you need to set sound output, and my guess is that at least one of these will need resetting. You don't mention your DAC or how you have it attached to your computer, which also may make a difference. But:


1. Sound control panel. This is bunched in with all the control panels. You're interested in output. Make sure your DAC is selected.


2. Audio-midi set up application. This is usually in the utilities folder, nested in the applications folder. Click on the audio panel. Then, output. This is where you set bit rates. My guess is that these are not set to high enough.


3. You should also look in jrivers preferences panels-- they may have something listed that also sets or limits sample rate.


you will most likely need to quit jriver and reopen it for changes in the first two places to take effect. Report back if this still persists--there are a lot of far more savvy people than me here, so I'm sure you'll get this sorted out.

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