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SoX settings in XLD, anyone ??


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So my newest version of XLD now offers these SoX settings.. I've read up a bit but it's kind of over my head. When I rip to Aiff I now have these choices.. I understand that HQ is High Quality, and that VHQ is Very High Quality.. can anyone explain it a bit more and or make a recommendation on whats the best setting? Here's the choices I have:




SoX VHQ Minimum Phase

SoX VHQ Linear Phase

SoX VHQ Intermediate Phase

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The SOX option is greyed out on my MBP???


Me too, until I played around with XLD, with Sample Rate and Bit Depth selections "Same as Original" SoX is greyed out, however if you change one to a specified sample rate and/or bit depth SoX becomes black and its options selectable. I would guess SoX are options for converting from one sample rate / bit depth to different one and not for changing from one file type to another.

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I use XLD (apart from ripping) to convert 24 bit files to 16bit.. from my reading of the Faq I'm using the HQ setting.. I guess I could also use the VHQ Linear?


From the Faq:


Resampling is a series of compromises so there's no one true answer for all situations, but the following rules of thumb should cover most people's needs for 99% of the time:


Phase setting: if resampling to < 40k, use intermediate phase (-I), otherwise use linear phase (-L, or don't specify; linear phase is the default).


Quality setting: if resampling (or changing speed, as it amounts to the same thing) at/to > 16 bit depth (i.e. most commonly 24-bit), use VHQ (-v), otherwise, use HQ (-h, or don't specify).

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