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help required getting jrmc-loki working

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I have just this morning installed win7/64 seems that ws2012 will not work with the loki.


So the chain is caps styled server(win7/64, jrmc18)>loki>preamp>Focal sm6


I've set everything up following Schiits dsd guide and whilst jrmc says it is playing, the loki's dsd lock light doesn't light up and no sound is heard.


I've checked (triple even) both jrmc, the guide and the chain and everything looks fine.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Well after failing to get this operational, I set up my older gen server (jrmc too) and whilst again it seems to be outputting the unsampled dsd, the Loki failed to receive the info.


Both worked fine connected to my other dac playing pcm (same everything, tried all the different usb ports etc. too) so I've contacted Schiit to sort it out via warranty.

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