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Michael Jackson: 1958 - 2009

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I'm sure everyone has heard by now about the death of Michael Jackson. Say what you about him - he was truly a one-of-a-kind artist and musical icon who deserves to be among the likes of Elvis and The Beetles who re-defined and re-sculptured American pop culture for past and present generations as well as for future generations to come. Rest in peace, Mike.


Having said this, I was considering purchasing the 25th anniversary recording of his Thriller album for a few months and I will now make this a reality. However, to resort back to my audiophile sensibilities, the CD is remastered from the original master, according to what I could find, and I've never been sure what this ultimately means. I'm sure the information in the CD booklet will probably explain this but I've always wondered if true remasters are initiated digitally from the source (tape) or if it's just a compression/equalization job. Some of the remasters I have sound no better than the original except that it's "louder" with no obvious difference in timbre and sound staging. I'm sure a professional outboard DAC wasn't used in most of these remastering jobs but perhaps someone here could shed more light on this subject. Thanks.


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After the eventful sixties, the 70's and the 80's were rather embarrassing from a music point of view. He gave a huge platform for the 80/90's music to be cool again via his stage craftsmanship, MTV platform and weirdness. I wish I had his bad album to bid thank you and farewell.



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It is to be noted that MJ gave special attention to the sound quality of his records. You just have to read the credits on the HisTory double-cd to see that he cared about everything from amps to cables...

The dynamics on this CD (come together...) are just incredible.


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Jackson may have been the most innovative singer and dancer in the entertainment world. His music videos were a breakthrough in performance art. He changed the world of music for the better. Over 700 million albums sold! And he is admired throughout the world.

His contributions will not be forgotten.



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I agree whole heartily on the music part of his life…its all good! I am even happy to hear he cared about the music…very cool. However, I have a tuff time looking up to him as a man. I only know or have known a few people that I can look up to that way.


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