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dbpoweramp tagging AIFF

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I had a question about dbpoweramp tagging. I use iTunes 11 on a mini (mavericks), library on NAS etc.. I have typically used iTunes with error correction enabled to rip to AIFF without issue. I recently purchased dbpoweramp Ref15 to take over the ripping duties, not because I had issues using iTunes, just more for curiosity sake and to use accurate rip. Also, since I replaced my old mini with a new one (doesn’t have CD) I use my Win7 wkst to rip.


Anyway, I followed dbpoweramp’s setup guides and noticed that with dbpoweramp, it embeds artwork (among other things) into the AIFF file? At least it would appear that way since when I select a file a thumbnail preview is shown from Windows Explorer and with my previous AIFF files ripped from iTunes I don’t get that preview?


Is embedding artwork a bad idea (performance, sound etc) if in fact it is embedding and is there a set amount of tagging info recommended? The tagging functionality dbpoweramp provides is great, but way more info / functionality I would ever need.


Just when I had my simple method of ripping down, I seem to have introduced complications/questions with tagging as it seems “tagging” is an entire science in and of itself. Oooy.

My rig


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