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Hi folks,


I have a friend on another forum who has a little problem.


Apart from that, his Mac is playing games.


He is on Maveriks and because I used to know everything, followed my advice to get Cache cleaner to repair all his permissions etc.after his Mac was starting to run slow. He downloaded it through CNET rather than direct and suddenly he is directed to Yahoo every time he clicks on a link.


I tried it on the latest Firefox update and it did the same. Deleted all the library folders and now its fine. However, he say it does it in all his browsers which I find strange.


If anyone can offer any guidance, I would be grateful.

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He has downloaded the cnet downloader that installs Yahoo and loads of other crap onto your computer, you have to choose not to install them before downloading, your friend must have missed that option.

See here

WARNING: CNET Download.com downloads now come bundled with opt-out crapware and toolbars | Reviews, news, tips, and tricks | dotTechdotTech


Excellent!! I'll let him know. Any idea how he reverses the process?

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Also have him check Safari>Preferences>Security>Manage Web Settings. If he sees an entry for Yahoo have him set the drop-down menu to " Blocked. " This works better than removing it because Yahoo may try to reinstall the plugin if he uses their site again.

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