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How to prepare for a music education major?

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I'm a high school Freshman and I'm thinking about majoring in music with a focus on music education. I really want to be a high school band director and do marching band shows, etc. I am currently in the band at my high school, playing clarinet. I’ve been studying music theory on my own. I really want to do marching band, but under my current circumstances I won’t be able to. Will I be able to major in music education without doing marching band? Are there any other ways I can get a scholarship? What classes should I look into taking, in high school and in college? I'm really worried about the college music department audition to be accepted as a music major. Has anyone been through one of these auditions? Did you find them terribly hard? What should I know for the audition? Thanks for reading and any advice you have to offer!




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I really have no idea... But I would say get involved in as much music activities out of school as you can. Find some local venues that do live music and ask if you can help out ... if only lifting boxes, etc. to start with. Getting as much exposure to different kinds of music as you can can never hurt.





...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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Be the best clarinetist you can be, then learn to play as many other instruments as you can - including keyboard. You will be teaching them all on some level.

Cultivate your people skills - How to win friends and influence people. Watch how your teachers handle discipline problems because you will have to when you are a teacher.


Good luck.

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Oh, to go back and start over...


Yes, master an instrument. I second the learning of keyboard skills. This being a computer music forum, I would also suggest learning about Computer based music generation, mixing, modifying, etc. Try to visit some colleges, and talk to students, and music teachers. Have talks with your high school music teacher(s) as well. They probably have better thoughts on this subject than a lot of us here.


Try to do well in all your subjects in high school. You could get a scholarship in something other than music. Conversely there are great musicians that could not get into college due to their grades. And remember, getting an education in college is what you are there for. Getting some concentration in “education”, either as a minor, or a second major will magnify your chances of getting the job you want.


Extracurricular activities seem to be scrutinized a lot currently. Traditionally being in a band, or marching band are what kids do. I would stay in your band, consider trying to be in a couple, perhaps a classical band, and one with a different gendre - jazz or pop or something. Consider finding some kind of outreach project bringing music, or music education, to underprivileged people in your area. Service projects look great on your resume, improve your community, and will make you feel better as well.


Todays high-schoolers have a lot on their plate. Learning to budget your time and prioritize is very important. Be sure to include others, make some friends. The more local support you have, the better. Try to be inclusive, you can learn amazing things from all sorts of people.


Lots to consider, but you are laying the bedrock foundation of the rest of your life. One of the many sayings I passed on to my kids : “You don’t want to peak in high school” . Life goes way past your high school graduation.

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