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The Marvin Gaye Collection DSD at Acoustic Sounds

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I have this collection on DVD-Audio:

Amazon.com: Marvin Gaye Collection (DVD-Audio Surround Sound): Music


It's nice to have, but I don't think that the audio quality is something special.

But that might be due to the recording(s) quality in the first place.

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I have "Let's Get It On" DSD. Both are from Gus Skinas, "The Collection" from the master created for the SA-CD.


I think Gus Skinas just authors SACDs from a digital master prepared by somebody else.


I haven't heard it, but the Marvin Gay Collection SACD got poor reviews on sa-cd.net concerning the stereo layer.




Dynamicwise it's OK, DR11 for the HDtracks 24/88 download (probably a SACD rip)


Album details - Dynamic Range Database


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