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Linux Mint 7 and PC Audio


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What do people like? I've got a page bookmarked on setting up MPD and the firefox plugin to control it over http. What setups do people like for sound. I'll likely just plug in an external dac (Ibasso D2) occasionally, and fiddle around with some things. One day I may try and put my music server into Linux, but I am testing things on my laptop for now. I've heard mentions of pulseaudio, alsa, jack etc. Are pulse and jack like asio? I don't even need asio for linux do I? Can someone point me in the direction of some links or even type a response to help me set up my audio for the ideal 2 channel audio. Even let me know about interesting programs for audio, etc.


Also, discuss merits of Linux Mint 7 for "audiophile sound". So far I love Linux.


It's all come together quite nicely. If you stick it out lol.


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Hi Ian

I am rushing out the door so shall reply in more detail later.


Linux as an os is resource light. Mpd typically consumes 1% cpu and 0.5 ram. Out of the box it is the best sounding OS out there in my experience. Just requires a bit of effort.


MPD is without question the best sounding of the music servers in linux. You don't need anything else. Jack is targeted at ultra low latency pro use for recording. Pointless in playback. And not easy to configure correctly.



Try these links - I have found them useful.


if you have your music on an NFTS partition ( you have in a Windows partition) use a sym link : http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/2802/

but you will need to mount the partition automatically: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Au...ountPartitions


After a few goes setting up MPD it is really easy - you just point mpd at the music folder, make sure it is flac and away you go.


Occasionally you can have a hiccup identifying your sound card. just use "aplay -l" in terminal. Personally I just disable the internal SC in the bios and then the default is the usb device. Easy peasey.


Once you get comfortible doing that the next step is to follow this blog, based on Nick L's work, and build a dead silent cheap linux server:


Hands down the best computer audio transport I have heard. Having said that I am sure that mac + Weiss/Berkeley labs is awesome. I just don't really care for Mac. Too restrictive in what you can do.


Firewire support for linux is very limited. There is the ffado project but it is in it's infancy with really only Echo and more recently RME getting on board.


The only issue is the usb transfer which the Ayre QB9 now addresses (and of course Wavelenght, dcs and BD).


Right taking the cat to the vet.







Best Wishes


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I bumped the thread and forgot what I posted. I've got into the MPD/mpc deal and I love it. I had the fstab auto mount. Word of caution though. THere is a bug on shutdown. Network Manager is killed before the drives are unmounted so shutdown comes up with a cifs error, and takes like 15-30s more to shut down. Not a huge deal, but an annoyance.


I love linux mint so far. I like being able to see the sample rate at any given point so I can confirm it's redbook (All i use). MPC is kind of neat because you can use an SSH session from another computer (linux) to control the music.


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Hi Ian

that is great news. It's wonderful having another MPD enthusiast on this board. Makes an interesting change from the usual suspects.

Interesting re your shutdown bug. On my Mint computer I don't have this issue. I just used NTFS Config, an app specifically written for the purpose:


Personally I always have issues when in fstab. But then again I am a linux beginner. And wish to remain so.

May I ask which dac you are using? I'm dac shopping and will probably get the Ayre QB9 if it ever gets downunder (3-6 month wait apparently).

I have only red book (plenty of info there for me) so high rez capacity isn't an issue.

Best Wishes





Best Wishes


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I'm not Ian lol. Our price ranges seem to be quite a bit different ahaha. I have a super pro 707 usb dac. If you want to save a fortune, buy that lol (obviously nowhere near Ayre).


Also, I just noticed you said ntfs partition. I have the mint installed on a laptop (no dual boot). I mounted the music from a windows pc over the network (where the problem lies).


Judging from your signature my setup is nowhere near yours so I'll stay away from talking about hi fi gear.


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whoops sorry - not sure where I got Ian from....

Don't be put off by the gear...my set up is actually very humble compared to most and didn't cost that much. Less than US$3k all up.

Besides it's only the means to hear the music - which is what it is all about. I also listen to a portable radio in bed and love that as well.

I like the idea of marrying bleeding edge pc audio with 35 yr old speakers and a tube amp whose technology is even older.

As for dacs...well....I'm tired of buying and selling.

I have a friend with a dcs Elgar that showed me what a great front end can do. So while it will be a stretch I want to buy once and buy right. Everything else is up to scratch (more or less) I just need a really good converter.


Great to have a fellow linux lover about!




Best Wishes


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I am slowly integrating linux into my media server. I have 2 computers and a laptop and currently the laptop is the test machine. Slowly trying usb dac, remote desktop, etc. Perhaps one day it will be the media server for real. The windows to linux connection is kind of tough. I loved using mstsc in windows because it was very fast (used some more cpu though i guess). I've been trying to find something similar for windows to linux. So far freeNX sounds like it's the best. VNC is slow and used a ton of cpu for me.


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