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MacBook controls DAC volume

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First post here and hope there will be much more to come!


I have just got a new MacBook OS 10.5 and the KingRex DAC with iTunes and got it set up yesterday.


However I notice that iTunes still controls the system volume. I was under the impression that once an external DAC was connected that the digital output would not be effected by any computer controls. I seem to remember reading somewhere that once the DAC is connected that the volume controls of both iTunes and the MacBook are bypassed.


Am I missing something here or is this the normal way it operates?






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Welcome to Computer Audiophile Derro. Good question, I'm sure others are wondering the same thing as well. when you connect an external DAC the OS X system volume is locked at 100%. The volume control in iTunes is still active, which is a nice feature. Tjis volume control has no negative effect on the sound quality unlike other volume controls. It comes in handy for people using the Signal application because you can control the volume of your music server and control your library with one interface.


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