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Almost Blown Tweeters

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Hi to everyone, I'm new to this forum and after reading this thread http://www.computeraudiophile.com/blown-tweeters, I was more than motivated to share my, almost sad, experience. (And sorry for my english)


As I want to start building my own music server I bought an Echo Audiofire 2 to connect it to a spare computer I have, it's an Opteron 165 with an Asus board with a TI Firewire chipset. This is just to experiment for now, and gain a bit of experience till I'm confident enough to build something serious.


Well, long story short:


I have an Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 LT that goes up to 192KHz, and even if it's no match for the Echo audio quality, it changes sampling rates perfectly, without any "crackle/tick". Not so with the Echo (connected via Firewire), actually there's a loud click only when changing to a higher sampling rate. I've tried many things, including contacting the Echo tech support, but nothing changed. As I wanted to use it a as stand alone DAC connected via COAX to my Oppo DV-980H, they also told me it should lock to the incoming S/PDIF provided it's correctly configured, wich it was. Well, not so, it only locks when the incoming SR is the same as the one configured in its Console app (there's no AUTO option like the Prodigy or the Infrasonic Quartet) so this is what happened:


- Echo configured to lock on incoming S/PDIF signal (In this case, 44.1KHz is selected - It could be any)


- Playing a DVD-A with songs at 44.1 KHz and 96KHz (The Oppo has no problem handling this - No "crackle/tick" at all)


- First song is a 44.1, everything's fine


- Next song, 96KHz, no sound


- Next song, 44.1KHz, song with low volume AND loud HF noise for about 4-5 seconds, then it finally locks on 44.1KHz




AND THE WORST PART (The Almost...)


- Fortunately it happened once, playing a 44.1KHz song and when trying to sync to the next at 96KHz, again, VERY LOUD HF NOISE, but it seems something went back to the Oppo because... It turned off itself, yes, the Oppo went in standby mode.


So, the possibility to damage the tweeters (and other equipment, I guess) is there, but not necessarily related esclusively to a Windows XP/Vista/7 computer.




I'm now trying to collect as much information as possible to later contact the Echo Tech Support regarding this sync problem.






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