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Confused about track numbers when extracting from DVD

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I recently decided to rip my concert DVD's to my music server. So much great music just sitting and collecting dust when it could be put to good and convenient use on a music server! I purchased DVD Audio Extractor and it's been doing a fine job so far. I just encountered an issue and was wondering what others would do.


While ripping a concert DVD (Direct Stream Demux DTS tracks), DVD-AE exported 38 tracks. There are 16 tracks on the DVD. DVD-AE actually made 2 or 3 tracks out of a few songs. Of course, there is no problem playing them if you choose gapless playback and play in the exact order. But I like to shuffle the music (hence, putting it on a music server). I guess I could use Foobar and merge the two files, but wondering if there is another method or if I did something wrong with DVD-AE.


I also tried setting the output of DVD-AE to CD Image and cuesheet (Create DTS-CD). While I get one big WAV file, the cuesheet lists 38 tracks. I'm not even sure how a cue sheet is generated, is it somehow calculated by DVD-AE software or is it stored on the DVD and extracted by DVD-AE?


Any advice is always appreciated!

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Thanks for the response. Takes so much longer when you have to join files!


The Cue sheet matched DVD-AE's track listings. I'm new to this and not sure how a .cue file is created. Is it generated by software (DVD-AE) or is it embedded on the media?

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