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Beatsmusic/mog playlist transfers and qobuz

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The playlist transfer tool works even for me with 250+ MOG playlists the transfer took 24+ hours and is incredibly slow to scroll thru( and there is no scrollable playlist, list like MOG had on left side of it's web page) and crashes a lot(shockwave crashes) and you have to reboot and start all over scrolling but i m sure they will correct this. their support teams are awesome and i hounded them for past 3 months and they did it before MOG closes for good.

Qubuz continues to amaze me the sq is awesome the ability to make unlimited playlists(with >500 songs) their intuitive web app and library is very good but not as good as MOG's was and it doesn't crash like the transferred playlists from MOG do on BM, and it is 16bits/44.i kHz LOSSLESS FLAC.

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