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Looking for solutions for a client MSB-UMT is of interest

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I'm putting together a system for a friend who's new to truly great audio. He fell in love with some new speakers by Janszen and the EAR DAC4. To start I'm just going to hook his current run of the mill bluray player and apple TV to the DAC so he can hear the improvements that brings to what he already has at home. From there he wants to upgrade. We heard a NAS drive connected to a CHORD DAC with ethernet input and the sound was great he preferred the EAR. I've been looking into the MSB Universal Media Transport and I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this device and hooking a NAS drive to it. I'm still quite ignorant in this realm as I've been more than happy with a Wavelength Brick hooked to my MAC and iTunes integrated Audirvana.


I want to see a system in this guys home that is very easy to access and can cover all the bases. The DAC4 can handle pretty much anything and the UMT can do the same+ but does anyone know how files are accessed/navigated and how to set it all up?



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