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Emotiva Stealth DC-1 rave and solved problem

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I bought an Emotiva DC-1 this week and can't recommend it highly enough - great sound, simple intuitive controls and functions etc. And a little help from Emotiva (thank you, Keith!!) I solved a problem that really had me concerned: my BeagleBone Black running MPD would not play properly through it, although my big Linux box was fine with Audacious and Amarok. From the BBB, the music was too slow and audibly distorted regardless of mode or sampling rate (and the correct rate did show on the screen).


The secret was to uncomment the format line in the mpd.conf file and change it to


format "*:*:2"


The syntax is "sample rate : bits : channels" and the asterisks tell it not to force a format. Chris' setup instructions say to comment out the format line, and that worked fine with the XDA-1 DAC (a UAC1 device). Keith thought the mismatch may be between the BBB and the UAC2 Stealth, but that turned out not to be the case. So all's well that ends well. The Stealth is a clean, neutral conduit from the file to the power amp, and at $500 delivered it's an amazing bargain.

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Happy to hear you are enjoying it. When Emo puts out a DSD DAC with a similar feature set I might be interested. I have two XPA-1's and an XPA-5 so I know their amps are good products.


If it wasn't for the XMC-1 mess that has been brewing forever I think many people would still respect their company. All that aside though, Emotiva seems to be at least trying to establish a good foothold in the market.

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