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Testing USB cables: Better bandwidth?

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Thinking through some of the claims around usb audio cables. Assuming one of the advantages claimed are error free transfers because of better shielding, higher bandwidth, etc., I think we could put it to the test using a normal hard drive hooked up by usb. Do a few transfer tests and see sustained transfer rates. Assuming it meets usb 2.0 standards and computer and portable hard drive are fast enough, slow downs in transfer rates would be from error correction. I think there tools that can give you usb error rates as well, but I need to look for it.


Not sure if this has been tried before as test. Asynchronous usb transfer rates for usb 2.0 audio would even be faster. So if there are errors on normal usb 2.0 transfers, I would think errors more likely at usb 2.0 audio rates. Now might be silly test as all the cables pass the test with flying colors, but can't know unless we try.

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