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how large is your high resolution library?

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Just for fun, I am interested in the size of your high resolution collection.


My collection, which consists of at least 24bit 88.2 khz (with a sprinkling of 44.1 or 48) and at least DSD64,

is currently at 1.8 terrabytes and growing.


In high resolution PCM I have 1,479 albums totaling 1.2 TB.


In DSD/DXD I have 626 albums totaling 600 GB.



(My CD quality collection by comparison is merely 88 albums, mostly ripped to WAV, totaling 25GB)

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well certainly not as large as yours. I didn't even know that many dsd releases existed. Say if i snuck in your room and swapped some of your high res music with regular 44.1 sample rated ones, do you think you'd immediately notice?


In DSD: 140GB

In PCM: 35GB

In CD: 350GB

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Well certainly not as large as yours. I didn't even know that many DSD releases existed. Say if I snuck in your room and swapped some of your high res music with regular 44.1 sample rated ones, do you think you'd immediately notice?


There would be a lot more disk space, and the family dog might return home.


~ 115 GB of 600 GB total.

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Well certainly not as large as yours. I didn't even know that many DSD releases existed. Say if I snuck in your room and swapped some of your high res music with regular 44.1 sample rated ones, do you think you'd immediately notice?



they are mostly rips of my personal SACD collection.


Actually, if you swapped my DSD collection for redbook, yes I would probably notice. DSD64 has a very notable and distinct sonic signature.


On the other hand, I readily admit that high resolution titles are not night and day better than their CD counterparts. But they do sound better to my ear, if only slightly. If you switched a high resolution PCM title for CD, then your trickery may very well go unnoticed, if only for the reason that our aural memories are very poor and short lived.


Bottom line, I am of the belief that high resolution does sound better, therefore I have no qualms about the extra disk space. If it doesn't matter to you, then by all means stick with CD quality or similar and save disk space and money. But, don't make a decision based on what anyone tells you. Listen for yourself, and then decide the merits of any given format.

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1.09 Tb of high-res (>48k) PCM. 33 gigs of DSD.


Of that 1.09TB, approximately 165 gigs is 4x resolution (176.4 or 192). The remainder is 2x (88.2 or 96).

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The OP is a little confusing to me, as my understanding of "DXD" is 352.8/384kHz sample rate PCM. For my own collection, I have only the roughest of ideas. First, let's start off with the non-digitized stuff: Somewhere around 1,000 vinyl LPs, none of which I've yet digitized. And I've yet to rip the vast majority of somewhere around 1250 CDs. Probably less than 10% of those have been ripped. (Not that I don't want the music, just that for some reason I seem to be busy with other things.) Then I'd guess I have somewhere around 40-50 SACDs, all of which have been ripped, and a few DVD-A discs. Add to that probably 50-75 downloads of PCM material at sample rates anywhere from 24/44.1 to 24/352.8; the majority would be 24/88.2 to 24/192. DSD downloads, I'm guessing around 15-20 albums' worth. The total is in the neighborhood of 450GB, and growing monthly as I buy more downloads, CDs and SACDs, and rip more of my current collection. (Edit: No multichannel rips. Vast majority stereo, with some mono - Beatles, Sam Cooke, Phil Spector collection....)

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Redbook: 300 GB

High Res PCM: 550 GB

DSD: 250 GB


Total: 1.1 TB


(all rounded numbers)

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About 3.6TB of multichannel SACD rips from my collection, and about 16TB of stereo and multichannel edit masters in support of both the Channel Classics and nativedsd.com download sites.


You're way ahead of me there! I'm over 1TB - but that includes Multichannel DSD and Stereo DSD rips plus Downloads from Super HiRez and NativeDSD, among others.... :)

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I have about 5TB of SACD rips from 500-600 albums - both stereo and mch versions for most of them (one SACD takes about 9-10GB in both stereo and mch). The bulk of my hirez files, about additional 18TB come from my massive vinyl and prerecorded R2R ripping project, with about 6000 albums done so far in 192/24. So the total is 23TB. When finished, I should have about 12TB more in vinyl rips (about 10K of my 15K of records). I also have a small number of hirez downloads from HDTT and eclassical (BIS and HarMun) and a few others. All files have at least two additional backups.



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PCM Hi-Res - 196 LPs

DSD - 200 Lps

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iTunes Stereo Albums

Total 775 MB, some in multiple resolution (raw DVD, FLAC Surround, FLAC Stereo)

1550 are minimum redbook

300 are minimum 24/44

200 are minimum 24/88



Surround Albums


Total 1,3 TB some in multiple formats (raw DVD, FLAC Surround, FLAC Stereo, DSD)

200 are minimum 16/44 5.1

150 are minimum 24/88 5.1


It surprises me that I almost have as many high-res albums in surround as in stereo.

It's probably because most surround material is available in high-res.



. . . and counting . . . ;-)




PS. I prefer to spend my bandwidth on more channels rather than higher sample rates.

It often comes down to the mix - both great and silly surround mixes stand out more.

Stereo is just a little too bland once you get used to surround nirvana.

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