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Selecting Audinirvana second preferred output possible?

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I have got my Mac Mini connected by USB to my DAC and HDMI to my receiver.


The USB DAC is connected as preferred output device, so whenever it is switched on, the Mac outputs to that. Whenever I switches off, the output defaults back to the built in speaker rather than the HDMI output.


Is there any way to make HDMI the 'second preferred output'?

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The built in speaker is a "base level choice" for sound output, since every Mac has one. This is not part of Audirvana, it's part of the sound control panel. I don't think that osx would default to a second attached device (could be wrong though). However, I'm guessing that someone who is good with terminal commands could write a short script for you that would do just that.


i have the same two devices (USB DAC and hdmi receiver) hooked up. My DAC just stays on all the time. What I set up is two different users, "audio" and "video" and have the output device selected for each. This does the switching for me. But mainly it allows me to run a much leaner (as few other processes going on in the background) system when listening to music.

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