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Which USB cable between PPA USB card and Audiophilleo?

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I'm running a dedicated server (see my signature below) that is fairly optimized, using Paul Pang's USB card, and feeding my Audiophilleo with PurePower, that in turn feeds the Metrum Octave. The PP takes 5V from the server, cleans it up and feeds clean 5V to the AP.

So far I'm using the Wireworld violet cable that came with the AP to go from PPA USB card to AP, and a generic USB to go from a mobo USB to PurePower, and I'm thinking the USB cable has become the weak link in my signal chain.


I haven't tried different USB cables, nor I can do so as I live overseas and cable libraries aren't an option here.


What do you guys recommend? Am I right to assume I should keep a generic cable to feed the PP, and look for a USB cable that does not carry the 5V for the PPA-to-AP?



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