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Ressonessence Invicta/Mirrus Beta Update

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Beta firmware 6.2.1 is now available. Beta Software Updates for INVICTA and MIRUS | Resonessence


1.Improve support for some types of SD cards.

2.Improve our differential headphone output.


Release 6.2.0 adds the following features:

1.Added extra options for OLED fade and infrared remote disable.

2.Enables DSD support via the AES, Toslink and BNC connectors.

3.Stability improvements.

4.Introduces a new VID/PID pair for the INVICTA and MIRUS.

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I have made the update of the firmware to 6.2.1 a couple of hours ago.


I am just using my Invicta with headphones (Sennheiser HD800) in differential mode. Haven't tried, any other combinations.


About the sound over my headphones, in differential mode, the loudness has clearly lowered a few DBs, as I have to set the volume higher than before.


I feel a bigger change than when I first used the differential mode against single ended, after the feature was made available.


I feel that it has larger dynamic range now. More slam. More detail too.


My HD800s are now feeling more analytical and less musical with Rock and Pop, but classic Jazz is actually sounding better then ever.


Need to listen to it for a few more days, to get my ears/brain used to it, and maybe revert to 5.2.2 again, to get a better idea.


After that maybe an email to Resonessence Labs to report the experience and ask if they could provide a little more insight about the changes.



P.S. Maybe the Invicta is now more Planar Magnetic friendly and less HD800 friendly!... which is actually the industry trend, right?...

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