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Rotel RDD-1580 new purchase

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Hello. I am new to the forum. I just picked up the Rotel and I am quite impressed. I was wandering if anyone else is using this DAC. It substantially betters the Schiit Bifrost I had prior. I am also looking for tweaks and USB cables. I currently have an Audioquest Carbon but the difference is negligible vs my Media bridge cable.


Upgrades I am considering are the Totaldac USB cable/filter or IFI USB power. I am currently running channel d pure music from a 2009 Mac book pro.


thanks in advance!

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you may want to consider something like a Music Fidelity or Bel Canto USB to S/PDIF converter first?


Dedicated Audio - Bel Canto mLink - USB to SPIDF BNC/RCA Converter



Thanks for for the reply. What is the benefit of this unit vs running the USB directly into the DAC? I am completely new to the computer-as-a-source thing so sorry if this seems silly. The rotel can process 192/24 directly from the USB.

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