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help with pc audio setting for a noob please?

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Hi all,


using a Dell Inspiron one 2330, lately I've been fiddling with different audio settings in an effort to try out different dac's


well I'm dac-less at the moment and have gone back to a rca to mini cable from stereo amp to the audio jack on the pc


here's my problem......


in the past, I could turn off my amp and the built in pc speakers would automatically engage, I loved that set up


now....I have to disconnect the audio jack otherwise the the pc speakers do not engage


i really want to go back to my old settings, I've been trying to tinker again with the audio settings with no luck, any suggestions?

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Hi and welcome.


If your pc is anything like mine you'll have something under the Control Panel like Realtek HD Audio Manager. Access that and somewhere under something like Device Advanced Settings you'll find choices of how you want your inputs/outputs to function. Your answer should be there.


Also consider using the headphone output and regular audio outputs separately if you have that option.



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