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For Sale: PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Pre-amp

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The FIRE-SALE, is over; and it was a great success! Thanks once again, to all the enthusiastic and obsessive audiophiles out there. ;)


ALL that remains...is the...


PrimaLuna Prologue Premium pre-amp $1,500


First Watt M-2 power-amp $1,400 SOLD

(David) Belles Ref 150A power-amp $1,000 SOLD

E.A.R. 834L line-stage/pre-amp $900 SOLD

Cayin 265Ai class-A IA $900 SOLD

PMC FB1i $1800 SOLD

C.A.P.S. Topanga clone PC-based audio-streamer $150 SOLD

Cayin[ M-6 tube IA $800 Withdrawn


This piece, probably needs very little introduction; but here are some particulars:


First...my impressions of this unit. This one, really is like new. The guy I bought it from, has Dialogue 7 monos; and he liked them so much, he bought this PPP (new, from an authorized dealer).


He loved it; but...was honest to say, a tube pre and tube monos. Maybe too much of a good thing. He ran his PS Audio PWD mkII...right into the 7s, and got a sense that might be better. Then...just for good measure; he pre-ordered the $6,000 PS Audio DirectStream DAC, lol.


So...you can see, why this had to go. When I got it...it was really, like unpacking it straight from PrimaLuna. When I first put it in my system...I have to admit; it struck me a little rich as well. Not "fuzzy", and not "golden"; just quite warm and "thick". But as I listened more...and got used to it some; I realized...all the detail was there, in spades. It was just very tube-y; very luscious.


It just had the stock tubes...so I was going to do some rolling; try to get it just a bit more "linear"...which would have fit my system better (my PMC OB1i, are already on the rich side). I emailed Kevin at Upscale...who knows PL, as well as anyone (obviously). He asked me...how many hours did it have on it; because he says, it can sound a little thick and congested...while the caps are breaking in. So I emailed the seller. Wow...he only had it for like 45 days; and said, the unit probably had less than 100 hours on it.


I don't know, how much you believe in that kind of thing; but it was so new...it was still kind of breaking-in (in fact...as you'll see in one of the pics; I thought there was a little mark, on the transformer cover. But on closer inspection...the plastic protective cover, was still on it; which I left be as well). It definitely settled in; and this is one of the best pre-amps I have ever owned (and I've owned 3 C-J pre's, a VTL, an E.A.R.). But...it probably is also, the "tube-iest" (which stands to reason; no other unit I've tried, has utilized 4 au7s and 2 5AR4 rectifiers. It is a roller's delight!).


Still...just not the perfect match, for my system and taste; and I'm going another direction. Comes with all as new; triple-box, beautiful cage...cool, slim...HEAVY remote (despite my psychedelic picture, lol). Speaking of heavy...the thing is built, like NO other pre-amp I've ever owned (put the $4,000 C-Js to shame, as far as build quality). Super-solid; like a brick sh*thouse...lol.


Let me know, if there are any other questions I can answer. Thanks for looking.











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