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Prototype Flash Players?

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Perhaps you received this somewhat cryptic email from HD Tracks today. Anyone know anything about these prototype flash players he mentions in the 2nd paragraph?


Quoting from Chesky's HD Track's News Letter: "I believe we are on the verge of a major step forward in digital playback. The playback will be far superior to the CD or the physical disc medium. I have recently caught wind of some very interesting playback devices ranging from computers with USB connections and USB DACs, to computers with AES and SPDIF sound cards. The sound, in both instances, has amazed me.


Also, I have recently reviewed a few PROTOTYPE FLASH PLAYERS (emphasis mine) which will soon be on the market. They have no moving parts in them, and they are not a part of a computer. Some people believe that playing music files in the absence of computer processing will remove superfluous noise and allow files to sound their best. For those in the computer camp, new solid-state hard drives have been introduced. These high speed drives have no moving parts as well, and deliver clean sound. Opinions are divided on whether one is better than the other. The goal, however, is one and the same: to get rid of the jitter and laser error correction which contribute to the artifacts that many of us do not like in digital playback. By getting rid of these problems, we can finally hear what digital is capable of decoding, especially at higher sampling rates such as 88/24, 96/24, and higher. In the future we hope to bring you more detailed reports of new hardware devices that are designed for high-resolution music playback, converters, music servers, and more."









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