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Which CAPS for music only...

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Hello fellow enthusiasts,


I see there are a couple of threads regarding the different CAPS set ups and which is the best unit to go with...please forgive me but some of the computer jargon gets way up there:)


I do not need room correction, or at least have no desire to use it BUT I would like transparent detailed sound delivered to my built in DAC on my McIntosh C2500..it has USB, OPT, & COAX...USB would seem the best way to go as its asynchronous.


Currently I am using a MAC mini with JRiver for MAC, it seems to freeze regularly...the windows version is much more stable IMO.


I was using my Bryston BDP1 & BDAC1 but would like to use JRiver software as I love the interface AND the sound...


So finally my question, which CAPS is the best to go with? I plan on building the unit myself, or if a used one comes up I might just hit the "easy" button.


Ideally I wanted to just use my BDP1 but it does not have a USB out...I would be up to building a ZUMA but not sure if I really need something THAT powerful.





More is only better when less is no good!

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I just switched from Windows 7 to 8, Jplay dual PC to Windows Server 2012 / AO the latest script 1.25b3, non audiophile laptop, feeling like I can enjoy wonderful music playback before investing in a more serious CAPS. Even though my TeddyPardo DAC has USB input, I found JKspdif mk3 greatly improving the sound quality compared with direct connection between laptop usb and DAC. So if you look into WS2012/AO setup, it'll likely bring you maximum sound quality at a very reasonable admission cost.

WS2019 Core Datacenter, dualPC, JPLAY Femto, AO3, Fidelizer Pro 8.8, MC2XY, IOS app.


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