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Dunedin Consort - Mozart Requiem

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I'm surprised that there hasn't been a discussion on this since the release. Anyone give it a try? I am particularly curious about SQ and interpretation. I was somewhat disappointed with the SQ of my last Linn download, Ingrid Fliter playing Chopin Concertos. (Too closely mic'ed for my taste, gives the perspective that the piano is in the room with you, rather than you being in the room with the piano. I had to turn the volume down about 5 dB below the normal average setting. Also, the string tone is definitely on the "steely" side) At $24 for the 24/192 version, this has to be something special for me to bite.



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I was somewhat disappointed with it. It's an attempt to reconstruct the first performance, though there isn't much direct evidence available about the forces that were used in 1791 and '93, so the booklet has quite a few "probably"s in it. It's a small scale "authentic" performance, with just 16 singers. In my view they don't blend terribly well and end up being a bit "shouty" and raucus at times, so there's not a lot of "eternal peace". I agree about the "steely" strings. Also, I wasn't drawn to the soloists, especially the soprano; and I've heard better trombone solos. Overall, I thought that they were trying too hard for authenticity of playing at the expense of finding the beauty in the music. It's an interesting version, but not one that I warm to.


- Richard.

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