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Musical Fidelity V90-DAC loses USB Audio PC connection - suggestions needed

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Hello everyone! Recently I purchased Musical Fidelity V90-DAC. Besides other inputs, it's connected to PC through USB asynchronous. Cable is QED USB performance graphite. Everything would be fine, but the connection between PC and DAC constantly terminates. That is, signal doesn't go through the DAC. Luckily, it's never when playing music. But always when I clear and then set new playlist, оr just stop playback for a little time. If I then turn playback on, I hear only silence, which, probably, in terms of MF engineers is the best music. Cure is to switch DAC off and then back on. It's not critical, but it's annoying. My computer setup is: foobar2000 (WMP acts the same), WP8.1x64. USB Audio driver is standard Microsoft, and I haven't found any alternative.

MF provides their own technical support only by phone, two hours in business days, but I'm going to call them (in fact, I've already called once, but it was Easter Break and they did not work). They strongly suggest to contact their local dealers, in Russia, where I live, it's CTC-Capital company, I've sent them three emails, but they gave me no reply. I suppose they are too busy with choosing new Maybach (joke).

Anyway, any suggestions would be highly appreciated on my situation. Maybe someone faced the same issue with other USB Audio DACs and (hopefully) knows the workaround.

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So the problem turned out to be trivial. When Windows 8.1 power plan is Power Saver problem present. When Windows 8.1 power plan is Balanced it's gone. I investigated it by myself with initial direction from local store personnel. So Musical Fidelity technical support, which I called by phone and Musical Fidelity local dealer in Russia, CTC-Capital company, which did not respond my e-mails, both suck. So it is.

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Thanks a lot! I had the same problem (i bought the dac 4 days ago) and i was seriously thinking of sending the unit back and buying a cambridge audio dacmagic 100 instead, to avoid the hassle of servicing. But it does indeed seem as a driver problem. The connection doesen't die if i'm not on power saver mode. Thank you again :D

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