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Itunes Visualizer and Audirvana


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Hey guys,


There may be an answer to this already posted, but after some searching I couldn't find anything. When using Audirvana with Itunes, the visualizer does not work properly. It turns on, but it does not go past the baseline. It is as if it does not recognize the music. I imagine this is due to Audirvana playing the file and not Itunes.


Is there a workaround to this that anyone knows of? Maybe a plugin? I don't use the visualizer all that often, but I was just curious if anyone else has encountered the same problem.

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Listen, I hate bumping a 3-year-old thread as much as the rest of you hate seeing it, but it seems that, 3 years later, there is still no solution to this. At least, not one that I was able to find.


I sent an email to audirvana support about a week ago as well, and haven't received a response.


albon101, you are not the only one that has encountered this problem, but more importantly is there any solution to this?

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