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Inexpensive -- at least LESS expensive -- way to get Windows Server 2012 R.2 Essentials 64-Bit

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Many of you have followed with great interest this thread on Windows Server 2012 and the Audiophile Optimizer:




I have a dual PC setup and was dreading paying about $1,300 for 2 sets of Windows 2012 Standard Server software.


Luckily, Phil's upcoming 1.25 version of the Audiophile Optimizer will be out soon, and will work on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, which is much less money at $559 list than the regular version of Windows Server 2012.


But if you are a school staffer, teacher or student in K12, college or grad school or have a relative or friend who is, you can really get a big discount on the identical AE (Academic Edition) which is a more reasonable $295 list.


EG, go to


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R.2 Essentials 64-bit (Academic) (Win) for $294.99 at Academic Superstore


and see the requirements under "Details" in the blue link on the right, but in essence they are:



Full-time Hi-Ed

Part-time Hi-Ed















You have to submit one piece of documentation -- see the link "Other Documents" but it's simple -- eg, a report card for a grade school that you can just upload as a scan or fax along with the order. It takes 1 day for Academicsuperstore to validate it.


There are other Academic sources besides academicsuperstore, including Ebay. All for roughly the same price: $292.


An individual can only buy 1 copy. Luckily, I have two relatives who fit the bill so I ended up with 2 copies, one for my Control PC and the other for my audio PC.


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There was some question from Denmark if this would be for a limited license. There it is (and much cheaper) and good for only 3 years, but in the U.S. it's for a perpetual license, not a subscription. At least, that's what all the U.S. vendors have told me and there's nothing I've found in the Microsoft literature to indicate otherwise.


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