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Lindemann USB DAC usb connection problem

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Hi guys, I'm from Thailand and I am a newbie here. Recently I purchased Lindemann USB DAC and it's been worked like a charm until a month passed there was a problem with USB connection with mbp retina maverick updated. No sound not even sign of usb signal shows up on the indicator light bulb at the front.


I tried several times connect reconnect also used my other laptop with windows vista. Driver installed and computer see the connection but still no light turns up to says it works.


I asked my friend he said it might be defected unit with buffer stage problem. Do you have such the same experience. I found one thread who he has the same problem with moon dac 100d but thread ended with no resolved.


So I bought Lindemann USB DDC to use with coax. I assumed that xmos chip on USB DAC is much better than Tenor on USB DDC.


Do you think this was unit fault or I can find my own way to fix it.


thank you and sorry for my english.

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I had a similar problem with my TEAC DAC - i think your Lindemann is faulty, but some dacs just did not work after maverick update - but you say it doesnt work on windows as well?



Yes Is doesn't work on windows xp as well. I had sent the unit to Lindemann. It seems it is faulty unit. May I ask what did you do with your Teac. I was thinking about to buy UD 501 for the benefit of dsd play back. How do you find its sound?

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Thank you thegoodarcher I like Lindemann DAC a lot it's sound very good and hi end. But the unit I bought was faulty one. I am now concern to their service as well. Since I have sent them email and got exchange emails with them several time so they advised me to send the unit back to fixed with no cost and I only have to pay my postal one way to go and they will send them back when it's done. But since I sent the unit to their company almost three weeks and inform them several times I did not get any response from them. I am a bit worry and if I know they would put aside this issue in a very delay process I will find local electric shop to fix it. lol my stupid

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Oh I finally found what caused this problem. It was my mistake for the lost communication which I had complained in my earlier page. It founded out that my email has technical problem with mail functioned and some of my friends could not send the email to me included to the responded from Lindemann company. I finally got their email with clear answer and regard to their great service. I recommended to try their product. This DAC is truly Hi-Fi component with great sounding and hi engineering matched components inside. I am missing my DAC that much and will keep it to listen as long as...

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