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Internet Archive - Tedeschi Trucks Band live shows & best way to format?

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Was looking online for info on this band. Took my wife to see them at Sunshine Blues Fest in St Pete FL earlier this year, and they killed it. Wanted to see if they were playing in Houston to go see them with my son who lives there.


No dice on Houston show, but found Internet Archive and noticed that it had the Sunshine Blues show available and its download was authorized by the artist. The fellow who recorded the show generated a FLAC file that sounds great and confirmed that the band was on fire that night. I downloaded the music files from a folder that had metadata and other stuff, that I did not know how to use. But I converted the FLAC files to AIFF and stuck them in a folder and copied to my iTunes TTB file.


Is there a better way to convert and create a file with the song titles and info? Used a app called xAct to convert from FLAC..is there an app that would look at the contents of the downloaded file and assemble a complete iTunes file?


Thanks. Check out TTB, the best live rock act on the road. See that more recent shows have been added with additional tunes.

Tone with Soul

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Can confirm that they already came through Houston last year, great band indeed.


When I need to go from FLAC to AIFF I normally use MAX on my Mac. Not sure if you are Mac or Windows but Max will normally keep the metadata in the transition.


Am a Macster, have Max on my dedicated mini. Will try the next show download conversion on Max, instead of xAct, which was recommended on the Internet Archive site.

Tone with Soul

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I downloaded (again these are authorized by the artist) an outstanding performance by The Steve Kimock Band from the Internet Archive, very clear 24 bit performace that sounds like it might be tapped from the mixing board, as the audience sounds far in the background picked up through onstage vocal mikes. At any rate I playback using JRiver Media Center,IMHO, FAR superior to iTunes.They have a tagging function so I simply inserted the titles in manually: Audio

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With Max, one file, a more recent TTB performance, carried the metadata another, a great recording of Phil Lesh & Friends, which included in 2000 Paul and Max from Little Feat and Robben Ford, did not. The latter is a board mix that rocks hard with great live show energy.

Tone with Soul

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