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Hi Res Music on an Ipod Classic: Will Bitperfect help with sample rate? And: Sonic Advantages?

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Hello all--


In anticipation of my Pono hi res player coming this October, I have begun to rip my DVD-A's. I have about 100 songs that are sampled at 96 through 192 kHz, with more on the way once I rip my Neil Young Archives blurays. When I sync my iPod classic, iTunes gives me an error message saying that the iPod classic won't support that sampling rate. For the interim, I used XLD to make 44 kHz versions, but it's unwieldy to have multiple copies of various songs in my iTunes library on the affected albums; I'm using a complicated workaround using checked boxes for the various songs and syncing accordingly.


If I were to install Bitperfect, will it be able to automatically convert these songs to 44khz, to keep my iPod classic happy, without me having to have duplicate lower resolution files in my library?


And, Bitperfect seems to get pretty good reviews. I generally stream via airplay from my laptop or iPad to my apple tv connected to my Marantz 5006 5.1 system with my lovely Swan Diva 4.1's etc. Sampling issues with iPod aside, what is the consensus on audible differences using Bitperfect? I don't want to spend the hundreds of dollars that the competition seems to charge, and I want to have the hi-res files readily available for when my Neil Young LE Pono arrives. I also listen to my Martin Logan Mikros 90 headphones with a Fiio E-11 amp when on the go. Is Bitperfect a good solution for my setup and goals?


Thanks very much for any advice!

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BitPerfect, as far as I know, won't do this.


You can (losslessly) compress music on the fly when you add it to your iPod from iTunes, so you don't have to keep two copies or manually convert with XLD.


I cannot seem to find a way to losslessly compress the music on the fly to change the sampling rate. If you can tell me how that is one, I would very grateful!

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I keep redbook versions of most of my highres music in the the same iTunes lib.

Album names are tagged CD or H so I can choose the right ones.


You could also choose to put all of your redbooks in a different iTunes lib.

Best if you are not using a lot of App's as they would then have to reside with that lib.


Change between libs. by holding down cmd/Apple when starting iTunes.



Yes, it is lousy of Apple not to provide an automatic downsample to redbook.

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