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Problems with pc digital into external dac (via ipad)

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Hi All,


I'm a newbie here, so please be gentle.


I have recently taken tentative steps toward hooking up a PC based source feeding my traditional DAC/amp/speaker set up after many years fighting the inevitable with CD and vinyl sources only. I have rigged up an old PC as a server on a home network, with a wifi router and have installed foobar2000 on this. I have ripped a couple of test CD's in FLAC format through the foobar built ripper at 16 bit quality, the thought being get the set up right before spending numerous days ripping the full collection. I have an iPad2, onto which I have installed MonkeyMote4, and the respective plugin is installed on the PC, so I can now control foobar from the iPad and stream back to the iPad with the inbuilt streamer so have a wireless outlet for sound as a low cost option.


Next piece was to go down either the camera kit - usb - s/pdif route into my external meridian 263 dac (16 bit) - via a meridian 518 digital processor, or buy a purpose built dock to extract the digital signal to feed into the 518/263DAC via s/pdif. I've gone with the 2nd route, buying a Pure i20 dock.

The problem is for some reason there is no digital signal coming through the DAC, both through the 518 and directly into the DAC. The meridian has a lock light that confirms that it is receiving a compatible signal between 32 and 48Khz. this light displays when using the cd transport, but not through the PC source using foobar - monkeymote - ipad - pure i20 route outlined above. I've tested the pure dock in analogue mode and it is working fine with rca into my amp, using its internal DAC.

I just wondered if i was missing something pretty fundamental here? ie the foobar source is FLAC at 16 bit, but is it being upsampled via the ipad, or via the monkeymote streaming processes? Pure technical support tell me there is no resampling of the digital signal in their product, so it should just pass on what it receives.

Any thoughts much appreciated as i'm pretty wet behind the ears on this stuff.


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