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Requesting suggestions for a simple, inexpensive DAC.

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I'm a guitar player that is setting up an entry-level home recording studio for personal, non professional purposes. I've been recording and composing some songs for my own enjoyment, and I'd like to start using studio monitors instead of computer speakers. I'm going to purchase two Tannoy Reveal 402s, and am looking for a simple entry level DAC that I can use as an audio interface between my computer and monitors. I'm currently looking at the M-Audio M-Track ($100, two 1/4" outputs) and am wondering if anyone can provide some guidance on this purchase. Are there less expensive options?


Here is my current setup:



Schecter C-1 Blackjack Guitar

MPK Mini Midi Key Controller



Line 6 Toneport UX2 audio interface



Macbook Pro Retina ->

Logic Pro X



Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III



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Really, what you're looking at is both an ADC and a DAC, so you can record with it also. The M audio is good. I totally understand budget, but if you can stretch it just a bit

more, I'd look at the bottom Focusrite (maybe scarlet 212?) or Presonus models. The Focusrite almost definitely is 24/96, which is worth getting if you can, and I think both Focusrite and Presonus have better preamps in them. shop around aggressively, I think you can find either for around $140.


I couldnt recommend anything for less than the cost of the M audio, although you could look for one used. Things like the low priced Behringers are built very poorly, and just don't last.


If you are plugging into your computer and recording okay as is, then you could just get a DAC rather than a computer interface like the ones mentioned. If that's the case, look up the Odac, and also the Schitt Modi. Since these are dedicated as DACs only, they offer better sonics at a given price point.


you're gonna love the tannoys compared to your sounds sticks!

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If you want to go the Audio interface route, then try to get one with multiple outputs, which will come in handy when you'll do surround. e.g. an M-Audio FastTrack Pro actually can do 4 channels at 48kHz and 96Khz in 2 channel mode. However, you may want to look for a USB 2.0 compliant interface.

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