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Synergistic research active USB

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Hi it is a USB cable to be used from source to DAC, and the external power supply (MPC) comes in different voltages and Schuko plug if you ask the dealer.

1. ITX PC - Mola Mola Makua - Apollon NCx500+SS2590 - Thiel CS3.7

2. LG 77C1 - Marantz SR7005 - Apollon NC502MP+NC252MP - Monitor Audio PL100+PLC150+C265 - SVS SB-3000

3. PC - RME ADI-2 DAC FS - Neumann KH 80 DSP

4. Phone - Tanchjim Space - Moondrop Blessing2: Dusk

5. PC - Meizu HiFi DAC - Truthear Zero Red

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Thanks - So this has one cable from source to DAC, and another from power supply? Or do you power it first, and then attach it between the source and the dac? Not understanding how the power supply is used.


I think (although I don't know this particular product) that it doesn't matter. Just connect it to your computer's usb output and the wall and leave it. If I understand it correctly, it's just a matter of getting the power from a (presumably) quieter source than the power that is supplied by the computer. It would be even better if it supplied a way of getting the power from a battery, in which case the power would definitely be clean.



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Not at all. The wall wart provides a current on the outside of, and separate from, the regular USB cable that is supposed to help create a field to shield the regular USB cable from EMI. It does not touch the 5v pin 1 of the USB cable at all. And it has a fancy looking cable-candy braid around it. They then add those 'tuning bullets' that have a sharp blue LED light in it to help create a different EMI shield. Naturally they are very hush about the actual electrical engineering of it. It is also used in their LAN, TBolt cables and tranquility bases.


You can tell perhaps I am tip-toeing, hence my comment about try it at home before buying it.


If you need a quieter 5v for pin 1 of the USB you need to look at something like an IFI USB, or if for a windows box SoTM / PPA / JPlay Pcie-USB cards.



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