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Software advice please

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Hi. I'm about to start using my Mac mini as my headphone source. Previously it's only been used for occasional blasts through my loudspeakers. However I've now invested in a new DAC and headphone amp and now I'm looking at software. Up to this point I've been using Cog. I know it's basic but that's what I like about it. I prefer to navigate my (well-organised) music by folder structure. I have no need for navigating by genre, most played or highest rated. I can't use iTunes because all my music is in flac format and Apple are idiots.


So what do I use? Is there any difference in sound quality between the different players? I also own an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so if there was software that allowed remote control by either of those devices that would be great. I know some do but I'm unable to ascertain whether they allow navigation by folder tree view. What are my options?


One more thing - I should receive my new ODAC tomorrow. What settings do I need to make in Mavericks to enable it?


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing any & all advice.



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I'll start with your last question first. After you've plugged your odac in, go to preferences/sound, and select the odac as your output device. Next, find audio Midi setup in the applications folder ( probably nested inside utilities). Select the audio window, and choose the odac as your output device. In that same window, choose the highest bit rate and depth that the odac will handle. That should be it.


there are a number of software players. I think the most popular are jriver, Audirvana, pure music, and Amarra. They have free trials, so you can get a sense of how they work and sound. I use Audirvana, and in "direct" mode (Audirvana also can work with iTunes handling the interface) you will have no trouble using your folders as the selection structure. Whichever package you settle on, there are threads here that discuss settings and problems. For Audirvana, the filter settings really make a difference.


i know also that the next version of Audirvana will have remote control, at least via iOS initially. I'm not sure about the other players. But many of us use VPN sharing to remotely control our computers, which pretty much gives you full access to everything. Again, there are a number of software choices for VPN. I've settled on splashtop, which has worked well for me, using an ipad.

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Thanks for the info. There's plenty to be going on with there. I've never used VPN before but it's an angle I hadn't thought of. Are there differences in sound quality between players? I'll find out of course in the trials I guess but I just assumed digital was digital.

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