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Modern Classical Music

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As a "spin-off" to the discussion "Is Classical Music Dead", I think younger listeners would tune in if it were easier to discover modern classical recordings. Sadly, most classical radio stations focus on the "monsters" of classical music, playing the same compositions over and over until they become as hackneyed as "Smoke on the Water."


To help solve this problem, I've collected a few links to internet radio stations that focus on modern (1900-present) orchestrated classical music:


20 Sound - This is a relatively new internet-only station that plays modern classical music 24-hours a day. There are minimal commercial interruptions in German. I was listening today and was introduced to American composer David Diamond - I loved it.


Radio IO Classical - It's surprising that a station on the same internet radio network as Bubba Army would offer the smartest collection of edgy classical orchestral music available. The only downside is that the free stream has frequent annoying commercial interruptions for things like herbal viagra, so you need to pay for the premium version and have a system that supports the player.


Fine Music FM - This terrestrial radio offers a high-quality stream of their programming. From 12pm to 3am Aussie time, they play modern compositions. Although their selections are usually are a little "quiet" for my taste (probably out of respect for the late hour), some of them are really interesting, and the time shift allows for early-morning enjoyment in my time zone.

Bluesound Node 2-->LFD LE Mk V-->HSU VTF-1 Subwoofer (via high-level inputs)-->Harbeth P3ESR

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