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What is the best way to get a digital signal from my macbook pro to the coaxial digital in on my CDP?

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Cheapest way, if inelegant, is an optical-coax converter. I bought one for $11.20 from WWW.PIMFG.COM, and used it to connect a Mac Mini to a Resolution Audio Opus 21 when I was loading it to bring back to England (a solution for a transatlantic existence). Results were as good as direct CD play from the Opus 21 apart from a little high-frequency hashing experienced once and briefly in many hours of playback. Worthwhile as a temporary measure anyway.


Desktop: SonicTranporter i7, Ubiquiti switch, optical, OpticalRendu, Musician Pegasus, Linear Tube MicroZOTL 3, ZMF Verite Open

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