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Capture Audio/Video w/Firewire - Cable Box to Computer

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Team I researched this some time back and want to share my findings. I should tell you that I have not done the capture, but it looks to be pretty cool!


So with a Motorola cable box (type DCT64xx) you can capture the audio/video file of what is playing. You connect via firewire to a pc and with some driver and software....you get the idea/picture:) Like everthing only if it does not have some protection scheme:(


I looked into it as a way to record the tv show "Live from Abbey Road" and no I am not sure if its protected. Also the raw output is a .ts (transport stream) some kind of board cast format. The download includes the software to use convert/play it. My player actual says it will play the .ts straight out, but again never tried it.


This is the thread that show one how to due it:



Please post and comments!




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I desided to check a few....


South Florida Comcast channel 165 - sundance channel - live from addey road - @8:00pm - no protection and free to copy.


Also checked a few hd channels (tnt and a&e with movies playing) also no protection and free to copy.


I think I convinced myself its time to get the firewire cable!






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