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Asio or Waspi for Benchmark DAC2

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Hi - I have a Benchmark DAC2 (which is an excellent DAC imo) and use ASIO. JRiver say here that:


1) If your hardware has a native, well-behaved, ASIO driver, use ASIO.2) Otherwise, on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or newer, use WASAPI exclusive.


so it makes sense to go along with their advice.


A possible advantage using the custom ASIO driver is that you then get access to some extra driver settings. If you have selected the ASIO driver Click Tools > Options > Device Settings and you will see a button "Open Driver Control Panel" which gives you options to set the streaming mode and the buffer size. Fiddling with these may help if you have issues with drop-outs.


I believe it is also correct to set "Device uses only most significant 24 bits" and "DSD bitstream in DoP format" in Device Settings.


Having said that, I very much doubt there would be an audible difference between WASAPI and ASIO.


I'd be interested in your opinion of the DAC2 - I have found it to be really superb, smooth solid sounding, clean, enjoyable, great value.


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