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Ext Storage glitch.. and no album art :(

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Newbie here. I just bought an Auraliti PK-90, an Andriod tablet to run MPDroid, and am using WD passport ext HD.


I bought DBPower amp ripping SW, which then transports the files we over to Windows music player. I then select the files I want from my Music folder and use 'send to', and select the WD passport, and everything appears like is being written onto the ext hd. In fact when I click 'Computer' from my start up menu, and select the Passport ext hd all the files I sent to it are displayed as content. However after I then plug the Passport into the PK-90 music server, only the same 2 albums keep showed in my library on the MPdroid app, Its as if the all the other Cd I ripped and sent to the Passport are not there. The other albums do show up as content when I use the web controller from my PC desk top that Auralititi provides, but still only those same 2 albums I spoke of can be actually played, as their song populate when I select them. The other albums show as a titile, but when I click on them nothing happens.. None of the songs appear, and they cant be played.



The other nuisance is that non to the album art seems to show in the MPDroid either, though on the web cpontoller so the art is =in the passport, and it shoss in my WIndows music player as well.. I did set the the 'cover filename' to 'cover.jpg', and 'path to music' to '/', as explained off Anitipodes website. Auralitie's support is virtually non existant.


This was supposed to be the hip way to do CA,, I';m almost regrettin I didnt just buls a muwsc PC and use Windows Music player in my audio system!


Any help out there...????



Very frustrasted!

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