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Here they come...

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Interesting movement on the Apple side at least rumors are swirling.


Apple reportedly exploring on-demand music streaming service, iTunes for Android


If they do this I can't imagine that they won't keep the on demand at 256kps and move the store to at least cd quality. They have such a huge existing library supposedly at least at 16/44 that they could just point the on demand service to the iTunes Store if someone wants to purchase what would be a better sounding product. That would be where things would get interesting. With many competing articles either espousing the higher res or saying cd quality is as good as we can hear it would be game on for the fledgling Pono actually going head to head to the establishment represented by Apple. We may yet see decent quality downloads of practically everything from the giant of today's music sales.


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considering the lack of memory expansion options on iproducts, i'd be surprised with cd quality downloads on itunes. but hope that happens. and then perhaps spotify counters with cd quality streaming. all boats floating and whatnot


Why would you need storage? You download to your home computer. I sure don't listen to a portable when at home. My iTunes collection (spread over two computers) wouldn't fit on any portable device.


Not impossible as far as the cd quality streaming as has been proven by Qobuz.


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Interesting read....


quote from article:


"With iTunes accounting for more than 40% of U.S. recorded music revenue any decision it makes about its business model will have a significant impact on the labels' business models."


Streaming seems to be becoming the next 'thing'.



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....just an "ON" switch, Please!

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