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DAConnector, a new network music player - please let me know what you think

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Looks like music player & proprietary server combo device. Is there any way of disabling its own music library cataloguing & supply function, getting it to use an existing UPnP/DLNA server as music library source over the network instead, ie using the device just as a UPnP/DLNA renderer?

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Thanks for your interest in the DAConnector.


The original design is to be as simple and economical as possible, I think a NAS running SMB is the most common file sharing method these days. That's why I chose this as the source.


UPnP/DLNA server as a music source is definitely an option, I do have plans to include UPnP file serving, but to be certified DLNA compatible requires $$$ which this project cannot afford right now. Hope it'll get enough support in the future to include that feature.

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