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headless Mac mini


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Seems core audio by design will switch to an alternative device if the playing device has been disconnected. Am using LIO8 on FireWire which is switched off if not used.

Is there a way to tell osx to switch back to the FW device if this device comes back up?


Trying to prevent user interaction on the headless Mac mini …. drives the wife nuts.



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In which player? I had the same problem in Fidelia and the HDMI port: turn off the processor, and the audio output jumped to "internal" and never came back, just as you describe - whereas iTunes would automagically reselect HDMI when the port was available again. Fidelia 1.5 thankfully fixed this phenomenon.

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Hi mjb, thanks for replying.

Am using Audirvana, but I think it is Core Audio behavior, not player related.

When core audio sees, in my case LIO8 goes offline, core audio will select an alternative device, in my case the Apple TV Airplay.

Which I wouldn't mind as long as core audio or osx would jump back to FireWire when LIO8 comes back online, which obviously does not happen, by design.

So how to get this "my way..."? Terminal commands...? Automator...?

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