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Apogee Duet owners - Free 800/400 Firewire cable

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On the Apogee website they are offering a free 800/400 Firewire cable to all Apogee Duet owners who purchased their Duet since October 2008. All new Apogee Duets, from June 1st, will come with the 400/800 cable. This is because, of course, the new macs only come with Firewire 800 and the Duet has Firewire 400.


In the US you appear to apply online, but it looks like you must have registered your Duet. Outside the US you follow the link to find your country's distributer.


For UK Duet owners: Here in the UK the distributer is Sonic Distribution. I had to email phil at sonic-distribution dot com with the serial number of my Duet and they posted me a cable - which arrived the next day.


This is superb customer support in my books! :)






Alix/Voyage mpd -> Valab NOS DAC (modded) -> Linn Majic I -> B&W CM7

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