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ASIO Output Setting Media Monkey


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So confuse about this setting !!!

Can anyone advise me how to set this for best sound quality? use with Asus Xonar Essence STX


Option > Output setting > ...choose ASIO? or my soundcard ASIO is better?


Thread Priority=?

Buffer Size=?

Shift Output Channel=?


Gapless =?

Convert 1channel=?

Use Direct Input Monitor=?



Thread Priority =?

sample rate =?



Thanks in advance


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Hi Perryoops - For the different ASIO choices you will likely have to listen to each one and decide for yourself. In all likelihood they will sound very close. You can probably get away with the default settings for device, thread priority, buffer size etc... I wold disable resampling to start with, but you should give it a listen to decide for yourself. Sample rate is an interesting one. Can this be set to auto so it will adjust to whatever you play? I personally would not use a static setting in that spot because I play all kinds of sample rates.



Is there a user manual PDF available?


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