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Peachtree dac differences does anyone know if the Dacs changed at all between the older

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Does anyone know if the Dacs changed between the older Decco & music box and the newer Decco 65 and nova?


We did make some changes between models. The original decco used a non-oversampling DAC, I forget what chip it used. The musicBox used a Crystal Semiconductor 4398. The original nova was our first to use ESS Sabre, the 9006, which we also used in the decco2 and iDecco. The iNova used the ESS 9016.

When our product development manager and co-founder Jim Spainhour heard the first ESS 9023 (then a 9022) he was so impressed we decided to use it in all of our next generation models including the DACiT, nova125, decco65, and novaPre.

The Grand Pre and Grand Integrated use the ESS 9018.

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