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Interesting passage from my speaker's manual

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Don't now why opened my speakers manual today. In "Break-in" section it has this:


"Unlike other mechanical systems, the lifespan of a loudspeaker is increased by regular use."


Makes me smile every time I read it. Love my speakers!!! Use them more then anything else around the house :-D

lost in that music library

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More pseudo science nonsense. If a device is mechanical in nature has mass and motion, then it must wear in one way or another. Sorry.


Feeling kinda grumpy tonight, aren't we?


Let's ask a car mechanic what he thinks - unused for 10 years engine vs. properly used - I'll agree with what he says

lost in that music library

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I'm inclined to agree with the speaker builder and the mechanic. The behavior of the magnets, spider, etc., would generally be better preserved with some use. Sitting does have dynamic consequences for simple mechanical reasons, ask the couch potato :) . And Q increases for many (I believe most) components with use, until they fail.


Nothing in the physical world is static. Machines deteriorate in most respects with time, and use can mitigate that fairly often.

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