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Mavericks Install on Mac Mini Led to Hard Disk Damage Error Message.

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Has this happened to anyone here? I tried to install Mavericks on my Mac Mini last night but got an error message that said the hard disk is damaged. Went to Disk Utility to Verify and then tried to Repair, but the Repair button was not highlighted (was not activated). Rebooted a few times but it led me to the same place each time. Went to Apple online support and found that this is a common problem with Mavericks. The solutions suggest doing what I already tried, as noted above. If this has happened to anyone, what was your solution?

*ANTIPODES CX--- Ethernet--->


*CARY SLP-05 preamp (Ultimate Upgrade ed.)---> XLR ICs--->

*CLAYTON M-300 amps--->

*MARTIN LOGAN Spire speakers.

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I have not, but the OS does sanity checks before it installs, so that it won't hang in the middle. You can't repair a file system while the disk is mounted; that is why the button is greyed out. You have to reboot into single user mode.


Install this, hold down command-s while restarting, and follow the directions at the prompt: AppleJack:Troubleshooting Tool for Macs | Free System Administration software downloads at SourceForge.net


(I just tested it myself again).

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